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Ross Grier, estate manager for Canal Sugar project in Minya, said that he was pleased with the operating wells drilled by ZPEC and that the results of the pumping tests were "a lot better than our expectations."After the winds and waves became smaller on Thursday, Xuelong sailed northward and on Friday passed through the westerlies at last.Vladivostok is the administrative center of the Primorsky region in the Russian Far East. The Belt and Road Initiative has been welcomed by the region's government, governor Vladimir Miklushevsky told Xinhua.

"Welcome, everyone!" said Lin with a big smile in English to the villagers. "Today, I'm going to show you around and help you guys to get an idea on how to grow Juncao and rice on your own land.""I wanted to thank him for the inspiration he gave to my dad to keep living and to keep looking up to the stars," Burgess, who lives in Britain's Lincolnshire, told Xinhua."We invited him to join us in every meeting, and asked him to work with our Chinese masters in researching and processing. He offered many good ideas which enlightened us.""Since 1998, I have been teaching children of different nationalities. You can see that childhood has a common denominator, a common nature. Children are flexible, they adapt, and they are willing to integrate into something new," she said.


But there is one thing that's sure to bring a smile to the face of every Chinese people during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and that's mooncake!But elevation isn't the only factor that makes the Victoria brand special, he added.Zhang presented exquisite paper cuttings, drawing "wows" all the time. When he started making cute clay animal sculptures at the scene, a couple of kids gathered at his table and kept staring at his hands, until their parents dragged them away to see something else.Currently, the project is being managed by the China Railway 20 Bureau Group Corporation. Guo Wei, General Manager of the company's Mozambique subsidiary, said that during the last planting season, the total plantation area reached 2,200 hectares.by Misbah Saba Malik

The book fair, which had China as a guest country of honor for the first time, provided a chance for the Cubans to get close to an unfamiliar culture.of the FIFA Goal Project, an incentive that FIFA gives to its

"Our achievement from the CIIE was that we gained three to four potential clients, and during the event we actually signed contracts. We discussed with three other parties post CIIE to send the wine in the next three to four months," he said.In December 2017, Tsinghua University established the Tsinghua Laboratory of Brain and Intelligence (THBI) and the Future Laboratory, both platforms to promote interdisciplinary research.

Other parks and walls in Ankara were painted by him and other fellow artists in recent times, bringing them followers on social media where this once underground form of art has become mainstream here."It will be a very close competition, antique cars are already part of our cultural heritage," he said.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next >>|In an escalation of the trade disputes, Washington on May 10 increased additional tariffs on 200 billion U.S. dollars' worth of Chinese imports from 10 percent to 25 percent, and has threatened to raise tariffs on more."By cooperating with the museum and putting up a show like today's, we hope more people will know about Chinese culture and eventually about China," said Wang. Enditem

In the opinion of Zhao Kejin, deputy dean of the Tsinghua School of Social Sciences, the BRI can be interpreted as a new plan for globalization.But every year, just in the United States alone, 700 to 800 movies are released, and each one can have 10 or more posters, so there are thousands of competing posters from all over the world.China Export-Import Bank has pledged a soft loan of 215.96 million U.S. dollars for the construction of the project.

by Guo Mingfang"Glory in soccer is a national obsession for both China and Uruguay," he said. In his view, a more effective competition mechanism on campus and wider participation among children in the sport could be where the long-expected breakthrough will finally take place for men's soccer in China.


The prospects of the eWTP are high in Rwanda, said Ntayombya, and the country hopes the partnership results in more trade with China and the world."Many say 'glass runs through my veins'. You have to like it (because) it's a challenge," he added.

accidents or injuries.Presently out of the total elephant population in Sri Lanka, only 5 percent are tuskers and these tuskers were under continuous threat from poachers and smugglers.Another incident involved her teammate who dislocated her jaw during a short corner, but was swiftly attended to by the FIH medical team.

"I think, everything is organized perfectly -- both scenery and music. When we were approaching the central square, Zhang Yuanwei heard the sounds of Chinese songs and was moved," Olga said.With the latest inductees in Class of 2018, Czech star Helena Sukova and German star Michael Stich, ITHOF got to the number of 252 people representing 23 nations across five continents. There were no Asian-born players that had a tennis resume which was impressive enough to get a nomination.

"We are proud to have arrived in China," Gabriela Cioba, manager of foreign trade at Forno de Minas, told Xinhua.WOUNDS OF CRISIS DEEP

Jia Jie, a staff member of the Chinese Culture Center in Cairo, was responsible for the organization of the Chinese exhibition. He said that the display area has been decorated with red lanterns, Chinese knots and Chinese paintings, as well as Chinese traditional costumes, pictures, books, magazines and snacks for visitors.Performing alongside Chai was organist Dr James Forsyth who said that spending time with his longtime collaborator and friend has introduced him not only to Chinese music but to the culture as well.For centuries, the image of an olive tree branch has symbolized the values of Greek civilization, he explained, opening bridges of communication and cooperation as far away as China.

"The show is meant to bring Chinese traditional culture to countries along the Belt and Road. It also aims at enhancing cultural exchange between young people from Egypt and China," he told Xinhua.Besides the headquarters in Beijing, OneMena has two other bureaus in China and also branches in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, with an eye to further expand in the Arab region.The situation is set to change as value-added products such as fish balls and dried fish made with the new industrial park's deep processing ability are niche market in China.Mauritian Prime Minister Anerood Jugnauth said during a tour of Jinfei Zone early this year that it would herald a new era of economic revival in the country."This institution funded by China is important for us students. China put infrastructure that has helped and will help our study," he said.

Loukia Konstantinou, a Greek artist who has studied Chinese language and culture for several years, took the 15 participants on a journey during three courses held at Herakleidon museum opposite the Athens Acropolis.In terms of technicalities, the industry has grown in leaps and bounds amid daunting challenges, the former AGN president said.Al-Reda granite factory, one of the largest in Shaq al-Thu'ban with an area of about 15,000 square meters, is an example of the fruitful Chinese-Egyptian partnership in the industry.

"The support from the Chinese government is very significant, not only because of the students we train, but also surrounding community who benefit from this school," Abayisenga told Xinhua.Prev 1 2 3 NextMarina Skrypnik, an adviser to Ukraine's deputy infrastructure minister, said that she, like many Ukrainians, knows about the Lunar New Year, but have not had an opportunity before to celebrate it.

She used to be an accountant at a new energy company in Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi. When she moved to the city of Baoji in 2014, she applied to be an accountant for a local company which manufactures special vehicles and aircraft."We are trying to help more quality Thai goods reach Chinese consumers quickly, and make it easier for Thai small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) and agricultural producers to participate in China-ASEAN trade," Wan said.

"I will spare some time in future to try my hand in it," Okeyo said."Sunshine That Can Move Mountains," Han Chinese filmmaker, Wang Qiang's, poetic and sensitive take on the introspective life of an itinerant Buddhist monk as he journeys through the vast, rural landscapes of Tibet to reach home.Maghrabi Agriculture (MAFA), one of Egyptian citrus farms approved for exports to China, exported 2,500 tons of oranges to the world's most populous country last year.

"I, and my generation, grew up listening to his passionate and extremely beautiful symphonies like the Yellow River Cantata. But we didn't know he had such a deep bond with Kazakhstan," said Shen.ZTE project director Zhu Shunrong told Xinhua that so far ZTE had sent nine batches of emergency maintenance personnel, more than 70 people, as well as 17 generators and over 20 vehicles to Palu. "Local network communication has basically returned to normal," he said.

Jia, also vice-director of the Department of Prehistoric Archaeology of the CASS' Institute of Archaeology, added that his team will try to figure out Montu Temple's plain layout, expansion, repair situation through cooperation with Egyptian archaeologists in the joint mission."My parents didn't really understand an artistic career or think it was a safe option, but I think my award in this competition has opened their eyes." She hopes her win will lead to a satisfying career designing book covers.

According to Chile's Fruit Exporters Association, 88 percent of the harvest in the 2018-2019 season was shipped to China, and the figure in the 2019-2020 season is expected to match or surpass that record.But all these figures do not yet directly improve the lives of the industry's practitioners, Fabiyi said."Our work surely promotes the Chinese culture in the Arab world. The broadcast of 'Jin Tailang's Happy Life' had the highest viewership rate on Channel 2 of Egypt's state TV, according to official data and statistics," Hamed told Xinhua at one of his studios.The festival kicked off on Thursday in the Pharaonic Village, a famous tourist resort located on the west bank of the Nile on Jacob's Island.


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